Cash of Command Slot Review

Cash of Command Slot Review

June 19, 2022 Casino Slots

Cash of Command Slot Review


Defeat your opponents in Play’n GO’s war-themed Cash of Command slot, a cluster-paying slot from the grid slot veterans that includes multiple features triggered by a symbol collection metre. Its entertaining aspect is boosted by a slew of humorous video game components that come together to produce an intriguing grid slot experience.

Betting and Prizes

On the slotted side, we have the arithmetic model, which is highly volatile and comes in a number of RTP settings, the highest of which is 96.28 percent – somewhat higher than Play’n GO’s regular RTPs. Players can load stakes ranging from 10p to £/€100 every spin on any gadget in the hopes of grabbing some cash and, perhaps, some command.

Slot Features

On non-winning spins, the Baron’s Turrets feature may be activated at random. If this is the case, wild symbols are added to the reels, giving you another chance to win. Wilds can be used to replace any other pay symbol.

Winning symbols are collected in the metre to the left of the grid, in addition to triggering the cascade function. The metre has four levels, each of which triggers a distinct effect when 15, 40, 70, or 110 symbols are collected. The first three features are Naval Heroes, which add a ship or submarine to the grid. These aren’t wild, and they don’t have any value.

Commander Wilder – increases the number of wilds in the grid.

Captain Verto – merges two sets of symbols into a single symbol.

Admiral Magna – adds four mega symbols with a size of 22 to the reels.

The Baron Fusco feature is triggered when you collect 110 or more symbols in a single gaming round. This one eliminates ships and submarines until just one remains. The leftover ship or submarine then builds a super version of the related Naval Hero:

More wilds are added to the grid by Super Commander Wilder.

Super Captain Verto – combines three different symbol types into one.

Super Admiral Magna – sets four mega symbols of varying sizes on the board.

The Baron Fusco and the Naval Heroes can only be triggered once per game round.

Theme and Design

Cash of Command takes place in a battleground that mimics the sea, the sky, and the land all at once. War is a serious subject that can be difficult to depict in a slot, and studios have attempted to do so in a variety of ways. The frighteningly realistic Das xBoot, the heroic recruitment poster style of 1942 Sky Warrior, and the joyful chocks away attitude Play’n GO has introduced into Cash Command are all previous alternatives. Each perspective has its own merits, and the lighthearted approach works well in Cash Command, which is action-packed but not overly serious. The studio has skillfully crammed a Battleships board game dimension, likeable characters, and a slew of interesting effects into the game. These include naval ships in the high seas. Naval warships on board, plane flyovers, bombing strikes, and a rousing soundtrack are among the highlights. Cash of Command is a top-down video game with an online slot component.

The purpose of this game, which is played on a 9-column, 9-row game panel, is to land clusters of five or more adjacently matching symbols. When you get a win, the cascade function kicks in, removing the winning clusters from the grid and allowing symbols to tumble down to fill in the gaps. The cascade function is reactivated if a new cluster is generated as a result of this operation. Symbols are first difficult to distinguish, but they consist of green, brown, blue, purple, and white badges in ascending order, followed by badges with gems in blue, green, and red colours.


Cash of Command is a game that you really have to see in action to appreciate. It looks good in images, but you’re missing out on all of the cool movements that help to flesh out the game. The same can be said for elements that appear to be fairly common on paper – extra wilds, large symbols, or symbol transformations – but when paired with the video game charm, lead to another very engaging grid slot from one of the genre’s masters.