Dead Riders Trail Slot Review

Dead Riders Trail Slot Review

July 2, 2022 Casino Slots

Dead Riders Trail Slot Review

Here’s some news for trailers that will get your engines churning. The developers of the great pirate slot game Dead Man’s Trail, Relax Gaming, have retaliated with a sequel called Dead Riders Trail. Dead Riders Trail shifts to the present, cruising the asphalt while occasionally breaking the law in an effort to collect loot, where the first one stylistically rode the high seas on wooden ships on a treasure quest. The focus is on a complex Bonus Trail, which is now available in a Super Bonus Trail variation. Additional features include a Feature Wheel, Free Spins, and a gamble feature.

Betting and Prizes

Every time I think maybe I’m headed in the right path, as Jax Teller put it, “I wind myself in a place I never even knew could feel this horrible.” With Dead Riders Trail, gamers may experience the wild side while remaining secure on their choice device, be it a mobile, tablet, or laptop. The bet selection in this multifaceted, extremely volatile online slot varies from 10 percent on the low end to a maximum of £/€20 each spin. The RTP is 96.20 percent when playing by default, and it increases to 96.50 percent for all three feature buy options.

The 6×6 game grid used for the base game is made up of tiles with active symbols and worthless stone block tiles. When every position includes an active symbol, it pays left to right in neighbouring reels starting from the left, providing up to 46,656 winning combinations. The winning symbols and any nearby stone blocks are eliminated when a win occurs. Remaining symbols on the grid fill in the gaps as new symbols rise above them, potentially resulting in another win. Till there are no more victories, this process is repeated.

Slot Features

The focus of the game is unlocking the Bonus Trail or Super Bonus Trail, although there are a number of other things to visit on the route. To begin with, clearing every stone block in the standard game earns you a turn on the Feature Wheel. You have the chance to win the Bonus Trail, the Super Bonus Trail, the Bonus Trail, or both from the wheel. The possibility to win the Bonus Trail can be gambled for if players earn free spins. If 4 free spins were won, there is a 33% probability of doing so, and if 7 spins were won, there is a 52% chance of doing so. Gambling losses result in the loss of winnings.

Some stone blocks have bombs attached to them in free spins. When wins occur next to these blocks, the bomb explodes, changing all of the symbols on the reel to the same type. The transformation’s chosen symbol will be the one with the highest potential for success. In addition, clearing stone blocks grants you +3 more free spins.

A player’s piece in this feature moves 1-6 squares around a trail on each turn. Each time your pawn moves, one of the gasoline cans that are initially displayed on the metre is taken away. Landing on one of the spots on the route marked with a gasoline icon causes the fuel can metre to be reset to 3. The fuel icon gets eliminated after landing on a tile with one. The round is over when you run out of gasoline cans or hit the victory cap.

Landing on a truck position offers a Bonus Trail feature, while landing on a regular trail tile awards a multiplier of the bet up to 1,000x.

These come in two varieties: silver trucks and golden trucks. Silver trucks can activate any function, while golden trucks can only activate the persistent versions or the Collect All feature. Reaching the end of the route adds +1 fuel can to the metre and +3x to the paying tiles. Features of the Bonus Trail include:

Cash prizes worth 25–50 times the wager are given out.

3-6 regular tiles in Sniper have their values multiplied by x2.

Payer: All regular tiles have values that have been boosted by 3x to 10x.

Two Knife: Adds 50x–200x to 2-4 randomly selected standard tiles.

Refuel: On a random set of regular tiles, 2–4 fuel cans are positioned.

Shoot Back places the total win value on 1-3 randomly selected regular tiles.

Collect: The nearest four regular tiles’ values are gathered.

Collect All: All tile values with normal values are gathered.

The persistent sniper performs normally on each subsequent turn.

A persistent payer behaves normally on each subsequent turn.

The persistent two knife performs normally on each round after that.

Design and Theme

Instead of simply reskinning their pirate hit, Relax Gaming gave Dead Riders Trail a thorough overhaul. The moment the game appeared on our screens, a Sons of Anarchy-style atmosphere with lots of firearms, fires, skulls, bullets, money, and bad guys and bad girls doing evil things took hold. Visually speaking, the designers seem to have drawn inspiration for their setting from GTA V. A lawless, “get wealthy at any cost” mentality permeates the game, as seen in slots like “Narcos Mexico,” “The Big Hit,” and “Cash Truck.” It is certainly fair to say that Nolimit City owes a lot to Dead Riders Trail in general for paving the road for releases like this to quickly gain popularity.


The folks in Dead Riders Trail, though, don’t seem eager to accept a mere consolation. They appear to be the type looking for that one big hit, and it is most likely to be located on the Bonus Trail or Super Bonus Trail. Similar to Dead Man’s Tail, Dead Riders Trail has a momentous pace when it’s flowing, insane special symbols similar to those in any Relax Gaming slot, and a potential payout of up to 50,000 times the initial wager. There is no reason why Dead Riders Trail won’t put its foot down and do the same at some point, just like Dead Man’s Trail did in the past.