Mega Don Slot Review

Mega Don Slot Review

July 13, 2022 Casino Slots

Mega Don Slot Review

One of Play n Go’s new slots, Mega Don, has a unique take on the shark theme. Instead of using one of the typical sharks that today terrorise humans, they travelled back in time over 23 million years and took inspiration from the Megalodon. It was a type of shark that is now extinct, and it was estimated to have weighed between 40 and 50 tonnes. It certainly seems like it would be worthwhile to use as the theme and focal point of a slot machine.

The 1,024 possible combinations on 5×4 reels are provided by the ways to win mechanism. Its outstanding top jackpot is 10,000x the bet, but you can anticipate high volatility to go along with it. The wild and scatter symbols, as well as a random Snack Time modifier or the Shark Feast free spins, are a few potent bonuses.

Betting and Prizes

To start the next spin on Mega Don, you can spend anywhere from $0.10 to $100. You still receive the same chances and features, but this affects how much the prizes are worth.

It appears that you might win a prize for up to $1,000,000 in cash with a top prize that could be worth 10,000 times the stake. Although the potential is sufficient, the same word may also be used to describe this slot machine’s volatility.

Features of the Mega Don Slot

On certain reels, there is a wild symbol that you can combine with ordinary symbols to create winning combinations when they appear on consecutive reels (it is simpler with occupied places because the ways to win system accounts for all possibilities, though).

During paid spins, a Snack Time modifier might randomly activate. It will choose one to three low-value Fish symbols and upgrade them to a higher-value Shark icon.

Shark Feast is Mega Don’s main attraction. Free spins will be involved, and 3 to 5 scatter symbols must be present to start the feature.

You can earn 6 to 12 free spins, during which one to three upgrading symbols are available, depending on how many scatter symbols you have. However, if it is retriggered, you receive 1–3 additional upgrade symbols in addition to 3–9 additional spins.

Whenever they arise, the improved symbols will be transformed into valuable Shark symbols.

This feature is unique in that winning combos are simpler to build because there are fewer positions for low-value symbols and more for high-value symbols. The drawback is that it takes a lot of effort to start; on average, only 1 out of 350 spins results in it firing up.

Theme & Design

The symbols we see on the reels are all about the species that live beneath the ocean’s surface, with the ocean serving as the background. The six symbols with the lowest value all feature different kinds of fish, while the three premium symbols feature diverse shark species. Additionally, there are scatters that could lead to free spins and a Wild logo that is positioned inside a shark’s jaws. Although it has a very high level of quality and appears to have been created to be menacing, it also has a cute side.


The Mega Don slot machine is distinctive and sticks out. Even though it will be challenging to access its major feature, this real money slot is entertaining thanks in large part to the artwork and concept that were employed.