Sports Bonanza Accumul8 Slot Review

Sports Bonanza Accumul8 Slot Review

August 3, 2022 Casino Slots

Sports Bonanza Accumul8 Slot Review

In the upcoming months, Scientific Games (now also known as Light & Wonder) will introduce a slot machine called Sports Bonanza Accumul8. The slot machine was created with sports aficionados in mind and features a variety of balls as its symbols, drawing inspiration from various sports like golf, basketball, soccer, American football, bowling, tennis, and pool.

Six reels and a Pay Anywhere engine are featured in Sports Bonanza Accumul8. 95.95 percent is its RTP. There are several features available, including Cascades, multipliers up to 250x, Trophy scatters, and free spins.

Betting and Prizes

Sports Bonanza Accumul8 can be played for as little as $0.20 per spin. There is an opportunity to boost the amount up to $10 each spin if you so choose.

Expect the game’s long-term RTP to be at 95.95 percent; nevertheless, this is more of an aim for the game’s lifetime than it is for your individual sessions.

Features of the Sports Bonanza Accumul8 Slot

Through the use of 8 or more matching symbols that can be found anywhere on the 6×5 reels of Sports Bonanza Accumul8, combinations are possible thanks to the Pay Anywhere engine. You need to have at least 12 symbols of the same type visible for the best results. The top combination pays 50 times the bet.

Following payment, there are cascades, which cause the winning symbols to vanish. As more symbols appear, your chances of winning increase (and extra cascades).

This game heavily relies on multiplier symbols, which appear in a variety of forms. You can receive Bronze Multipliers (2x to 10x) and Silver Multipliers during paid spins (12x to 25x). Once cascades stop happening, they apply to all of the round’s victories. If there are several, they add up.

You also get Trophy scatters, and it takes three to five or more to trigger 10 to 20 free spins. It can retrigger for up to 15 further spins. With sets of two winning spins and one lost spin, it is an intriguing feature. Gold Multipliers, which increase wins by 30 to 250 times, are also available.

Theme & Design

The background features a typical sports stadium, making the concept readily clear. There is a total of 9 balls on the reels, each of which is connected to a different sport. They consist of American football, tennis, basketball, pool, bowling, golf, cricket, as well as rugby.


Sports Bonanza Accumul8 Slot might be a good overall option for a player looking for a classic design and minimal volatility, but there are plenty of alternative options of that type that provide greater RTP percentages. Overall, I like the slot machine because it is a real Scientific gaming product, It has attractive graphics, as well as has some fun extra features. It is well worth playing (95.95 percent RTP) if you can find it with the RTP set to the highest setting because it pays out around 250 times the jackpot each game. The low-stakes players will love this Slot.